We have a couple of contortionists readily available, but we'd love you to see this incredible act!
The contortionist lifestyle is a demanding struggle of flexibility and jaw dropping feats!

Miss O

Having debuted on Britains Got Talent, Miss 'O' now travels the globe performing for the likes of HRH Queen Elizabeth II & The X-Factor for the Live Shows!
Miss 'O' now has a worldwide demand and has just premiered on The Frankenstein Chronicles representing our brand, not only has she starred in this TV Series, but also in The Real Housewives of Cheshire, just last year alone.




We understand, it is quite confusing.

The Contortionists Story

Orissa's career began as an artistic gymnast, competing successfully for Great Britain. As her competitive career came to an end she decided to utilise her skills and train aerial silks. Her professionalism and passion for her craft, has taken her all over the world, performing for events, TV productions as well as feature films.

In April 2015, Orissa created her unique Foot Archery act, involving four acrobatic foot archery tricks - including shooting an arrow with her feet whilst in a handstand. Orissa is the only person in the UK to perform foot archery as well as the only person in the world to do this while on fire!  She has truly invented the art of Fire Foot Archery.

Orissa debuted her archery act on Britain's Got Talent, receiving high praise from all the judges.  Orissa was even nicknamed the "Hot bendy Cupid" by Amanda Holden! She has gone on to perform worldwide for clients including HRH Queen Elizabeth II, the Saudi Royal Family, the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Wonder Woman’ and also won the MTV series of ‘Amazingness’. In 2018 she also completed a full world tour within a year, performing her foot archery act on every continent!